Manufacturer of Storage Equipment

Micada specializes in the manufacturing of custom built handling and storage equipment. We manufacture retro-fit hopper bottoms for grain bins (new or existing), complete bin and hopper combinations, skid systems, bean ladders, dump pits, bulk tanks, weigh tanks or weigh scales for grain, fertilizer, and seed, custom built overhead tanks, structures, catwalks, leg towers, fall safe systems, etc. With many years in the industry, we have developed standards that we are continually measuring ourselves against.

We provide long lasting products that allow our customers to reduce operating expense, and spend more time producing and less time maintaining equipment.

We incorporate our years of experience with refined welding and assembly procedures into the standard or custom solutions that meet your needs.

Big or Small, We Do it All

While everyone's needs are different, we realize that each operation plays an important role. Therefore we truly believe that each of our customers demands our full attention, whether you are a private farmer or large handling facility it is our goal to understand your requirements and offer you a cost effective solution the will provide years of satisfaction.


A Micada solution incorporates tanks and structures or custom applications that are fully welded offering you a product that requires very little field labor. Learn more »


Micada offers "modern" grain storage at a competitive price and continues to pioneer both quality and design into every bottom we build. Learn more »